Consumer credit: all offers in detail

Astro Finance is the credit organization of the Social General group. Now well established in the French consumer credit landscape, the consumer credit specialist competes directly with the giants such as Bankate, Yoabank and viloan. Is its offer complete enough to consider applying for a loan? What about APR rates: are they competitive? Astro Finance consumer credit review and review.

Consumer credit Astro Finance: what loans are available?

Consumer credit Astro Finance: what loans are available?

The range of Astro Finance consumer loans is complete. We thus find all the main types of projects:

  • Project loan
  • Works loan
  • New or used car loan
  • Revolving credit
  • Cash credit
  • Redemption of credits

What is a Astro Finance project loan?

Astro Finance offers a whole bunch of personal projects, such as marriage, the birth of a child or even the travel project. The specialist stands out by detailing a multitude of project loans. The choice of a personal project loan redirects the borrower to a conventional consumer credit solution.

It can be a Astro Finance personal loan or a revolving credit, depending on the amount and type of project. In most cases, a Astro Finance project loan replaces the personal loan from other major credit organizations. It is however in certain cases subject to the delivery of a document specifying the initial project.

Comparison of Astro Finance consumer credit rates

Comparison of Astro Finance consumer credit rates

What interests us is to compare the rates of the consumer credit Astro Finance. It is on this criterion that the credit organization can stand out from the others. Competition is fierce in the field, especially in the face of heavyweights such as Yoabank, viloan and Bankate.

Comparison methodology

We have selected two major Astro Finance consumer credit projects offered on our comparator, namely a personal loan and a Astro Finance works credit. For the sake of objectivity, a combination of amount / duration of repayment leading to monthly payments of between $ 200.00 and $ 300.00 has been selected. Our table incorporates the best APR rate from our comparator, as well as that of Astro Finance. This non-exhaustive simulation provides a good idea of ​​the level of APR rates for consumer credit Astro Finance.

For a personal loan $ 8,000 over 36 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Best organization in our comparator 3.30% 233.54 $ 407.44 $
Astro Finance rate 5.90% 242.45 $ 728.20 $
For a work loan $ 20,000 over 84 months
Best organization in our comparator 3.90% 271.83 $ 2833.72 $
Astro Finance rate 4.90% 280.74 $ 3582.16 $

Astro Finance consumer credit rates are in the high average of the market. The specialist is certainly only very rarely the first in our rate rankings, but he very often positions himself on the podium. We can say that the rates offered by Astro Finance are clearly up to the task.

Our opinion on Astro Finance had already put forward very advantageous credit rates on the work loan and the car credit. The organization competes widely with all of its direct competitors on these two projects.

What about revolving credit rates?

The rates of the Budget Plus Astro Finance revolving credit are on average very attractive. The organization also regularly offers special promotions on this small loan, making it possible to obtain conditions that are sometimes unbeatable.

The advantages of Astro Finance consumer credit

The advantages of Astro Finance consumer credit

The consumer credit Astro Finance can be taken out 100% online, a luxury that not all organizations can boast of. Let us list the main advantages of Astro Finance consumer credit:

  • APR * rate in the high average of the market
  • Possibility of 100% online credit, thanks to electronic signature
  • Immediate response in principle for all projects
  • Regular promotions, especially on revolving credit

* Learn more about the APR rate

The disadvantages of the organism

The Astro Finance personal loan offer is not necessarily easy to understand, the organization working with a project loan system. This is probably the only small drawback of the consumer credit Astro Finance.

Note also that Astro Finance does not have an online chat service, unlike most major credit organizations. It is however possible to contact Astro Finance by phone, email or via the standard form.

Reminder: it is possible to retract for 14 days from the date of acceptance of a Astro Finance consumer credit, whatever it may be. A withdrawal slip provided for this purpose is always attached to the credit contract.